Néstor Morales

Open format DJ with a focus on special events, he studied musical production and has been a professional DJ since 2014.

During his presentations he has as his main seal freshness and innovation in the sounds he uses, in addition to a fine musical selection, his music taste goes from 80’s music to early 90’s including EDM, House and Nu Disco, he describes his DJ style like an “off-road”

At the moment he’s one of the main resident DJ’s at Montage, Los Cabos alongside being the CEO of DJ Co.

The Boss


Argentine DJan who started her career at the beginning of 2020 in the electronic scene of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Inspired by a wide range of musical genres, Huilen fuses in a unique way elements of melodic house, tribal house, organic house and afro, creating a captivating listening experience that enchants her listeners. As for performances, her versatility when it comes to creating moods has taken her to iconic places in the area such as:, Montage, Casa Mango, Balam, among others.

In addition, she has had the honor of sharing the stage with notable figures in the scene, such as Pinto.

With an innate ability to mix sounds, Huilen continues to stand out in the electronic scene, bringing with him a contagious energy and an unmatched talent that does not go unnoticed.


Mexican DJ and Music Producer with more than 6 years of experience. Reconognized for his quality, creativity and costant innovation in the entertaiment industry. Playing at celebrations, corporate events, clubs, weddings, private parties and after parties.

As a professional, developing in different genres such as electro pop, 80s, hip hop, house, techno house, chillout and house space. He produced tracks such as: “Here With Me” also “Lonely Roads”, both tracks on Spotify, another chillout track is “Day Dreaming”.


Chemaz is a producer, DJ, and saxophonist performer. His style is influenced by house music (afro house, latin house, tech house), live looping, jazz, reggae, funk, folk, among others.

His project is based on the feature of the DJ set & Sax Performance with house music, nu disco, afro house, tech house, latin house, techno and more.


Influenced by Disco music, R&B, 80’s and 90’s Dance music which generated his unique identity. He encompasses genres like House, Deep House, Progressive House and Tech House with some touches of Nu Disco and considers his style as something fresh and original.

Also has shared the Booth with Tom & Collins, Axwell, Karla Miskov, among others.

Also MIXMAG has recently released an article about him.

Marco Longi

Mexican producer and DJ of TechHouse and open format music,
emerging from the city of Querétaro.

Marco Longi is currently being part of the influence on electronic music in Querétaro, demostrating in each DJ set his skills as an open format DJ, making an energetic environment with a lot of passion and connection with the public, earning the support and affection of the people who listen to it.

He has played in many recognized venues such as Bunka Bar, Feroz, Noble Penthouse, Cultur, Sylvius and The Normal.


Valencia is a DJ, producer and audio engineer with 4 years of experience. Working in clubs, bars and private parties in Venezuela and Mexico. This has given him a wide experience in the industry and has allowed him to develop a great versatility in his sets.

He has the ability to create a vibrant and exciting atmosphere that will keep the audience continuously animated.

Valencia is ready to take his musical talent to the next level and offer a unique experience.